To apply for your OCI in the VFS center of your convenience , appointment is mandatory. To avail a prior appointment, please follow these steps 

Step 1: Click on this link access our Online Appointment System for VFS and book

Procedure for Appointment Booking for OCI

Step 2: The next step is to select the nearest VFS center in accordance with your jurisdiction.

Here are your options:

  •  Birmingham
  •  Belfast
  •  London-Hounslow
  •  London-Goswell
  •  Glasgow
  •  Edinburgh
  •  Cardiff
  •  Bradford
  •  Manchester
  •  Liverpool
  •  Leicester

Choose “OCI” and click Submit your preferred VFS Center and Services.

I’ve booked my VFS Hounslow OCI designation, which is one of two London options (Goswell is the other).

Choose yours according to your competence.

Note: You must pick the VFS center solely in accordance with your jurisdiction. You will be requested to reserve the appointment again in the center of your jurisdiction when you book an appointment at any VFS center other than your jurisdiction to receive an early appointment.

Step 3 –  Enter applicant details and pick an appointment

  •  Passport Number
  • OCI Registration Number
  • Applicant First and Last name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email ID
  • Date of Birth
Procedure for Appointment Booking for OCI- Applicant Details recommends Reload OCI for full OCI application support, resizing photo and signature and pan card service

Step 4 – Click Enter. Choose a date and time slot on the next screen.When you select the time frame, the OCI appointment will receive a booking confirmation.

Step 5 – Print as necessary on the appointment day. Print as required. You also receive an email confirmation with a letter of appointment.