A security staff will be at your entrance when you get to your chosen location. It will make preliminary reviews – your letter of appointment, your application form filled out– and issue a number of tokens. Take your seat and wait until your number in the waiting area is called on the screen. Once you have your token number on the screen, go to the counter number shown.

The counter officer will then request that you submit the necessary documents and pay the surrender fee for the passport. You will be notified of the provisional schedules and payment receipt.

In the counter, your mobile number and email address are also asked by the officer to keep you updated during the critical stages of your request.

If you want text and email updates be added to be informed at all stages of progress the service is additionally charged at £1.20 (+VAT) and is included by default with the service. 

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Surrender Indian Passport Fees in UK

The fees vary according to the date of an Indian, British or Foreign Citizen’s acquisition.

These different criteria are listed and information about the fees 

 For British Citizenship before or on or before 31 May 2010 – Given the Miscellaneous Service and Consular Excise, you have to pay £22. You don’t have to pay a fee for your passport surrender. VFS is charging you £7.44 + VAT, which is £29.44 for the service. 

If you got British Citizenship on and after 01 June 2010 – In this case, the passport surrender fee is £119 and includes a £117 embassy and a £2 consular fee. A total of £126.44 is included in VFS services (VAT inc).

Applicants who’s UK nationality and passport also expired more than ten years ago – “Deemed Surrender Certificates” will be issued to costing you £20 plus applicable fees including a consular surcharge of £2.

VFS will pay you an additional £1.20 (plus VAT) in text updates on your phone to receive SMS notifications for the progress of your request.

Cash or Debit card allows you to pay the fees for your passport to be surrendered.