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Step by step break down for Part – B

The focus of part-B of the form is about information of your Citizenship.

Citizenship details are divided into three parts:

1) Citizenship details 2) Nationality details 3) Other Details. 

Step 1- You are required to provide details in a questionnaire about your Citizenship.

Step 2  – Complete your occupational details 

Occupational details will require you to provide details of your employer or if you have your own business or are self-employed, your own/company address would be needed. Requires to provide your current address. Add your Indian address where they ask for your native place’s address. Review and enter in all the details and click on Next.

Step 3 – On the next page, please cross check the information you have entered so far:

  • Applicant details
  • Family details
  • Passport details
  • Occupation Information
  • Residential Information

Step 4 –  You must answer question #21 and #22. If you don’t have close family members living in India, ‘No close family members living in India.’ is an acceptable answer.

In question #20 #21 regarding the Employer Address, make sure to give the name and address of the employer. Applicants who are retired must provide details of their previous employer or company.

Step 5 – Please ensure to verify all the details, as you won’t be allowed to rectify or change anything on the application. If at any changes ought to be made click “modify”

Step 6 – Once you have verified all the details, click “Submit” to submit the OCI form.

Step 7 – On the next page, you will view a confirmation message and get an OCI File Reference Number which begins with GBRL.

Note: Save the GBRL number. GBRL number is the OCI Registration number required to book your VFS appointment for OCI. 

Please note : Irrespective of the number of applicants in Part A, Part B will be a single form (representing all applicants). Adult applicants’ signatures are accepted only While making submission the application, make sure to include any pages that contains instructions after Part B. Additional sheets can be provided in case there is lack of space.