You must have one set of all application forms and required documents and two copies of the document checklist. All photocopies must be self-attested with the statement, “This is a true copy of the original” and your signature.

If applying as a family, please ensure that Part A of each application is put together followed by a common Part B. After which, all the relevant documents must be organised in the same sequence as Part A of the form for each applicant. Please do not staple or attach your documents using paper clips.Complete Online Registration Form, Part A and Part B and print it. Do not leave any answers blank.

1. Photograph:

One photograph needs to be pasted in Part A. You may need to submit additional photographs.The specific criteria of the image needs to be square (1:1 aspect ratio) with a min size of 200×200 px and a max size of 900×900 px.

There is a photo upload option on the Government of India website (while filling out the application form). Uploading the photo is optional. In any case, one physical photo is still required.

2. Copy of Passport: recommends Reload OCI for full OCI application support, resizing photo and signature and pan card service

Photocopies of the following pages from your foreign passport:

  • Document containing basic information and picture of the passport
  • Endorsement/amendment pages.
    • Please note- the applicants do not have to send their original non-Indian passport along with the application. Applicants have to wait to be notified by the consulate for the same.

You must send your original valid foreign passport along with the application.

  • You will need 2 courier services – one for returning the passport back after verification; the other for sending the OCI card.

4. Birth certificate:

  • Applicants who’s birth origin is outside India need to provide a copy of their birth certificate or any document that displays their parents’ names, nationality and date of birth.
  • If you are applying through your parents, and one parent was born outside India, submit copies of the birth certificate and passport of the parent born outside India.
  • If the birth certificate or any of the documents are in any language other than English, the document must be translated into English and must be notarized.

5. Naturalization certificate:     

Copy of naturalization certificate, as appropriate.

6. Proof of Indian origin

7. Application through Spouse

  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Notarized Joint Statement signed by couple stating
    • they were married 2 years prior to the submission of the OCI application.
    • in case of dissolution of marriage or deceased spouse, he/she must notify and return the OCI card to the consulate.
  • Copy of passport
    • Copy of the information page that contains the picture and basic details of the passport.
    • Copy of the endorsement / amendment pages.
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of name change
  • Proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship:
    • Applicants need to provide a surrender certificate and proof Renunciation of Indian Citizenship
  • PIO card holders:
    • Original PIO card
  • Legal status:
    • If you are non-UK citizens, provide a copy of the following:
      • Both sides of BRP
      • Page showing your Visa to live in the UK.

Non-UK citizens who are applying for their minor children must also provide their UK legal status.Do not send as original document as VFS can’t be held responsible for loss or damage to original documents.

8. Minor applicants:

  • Parental authorization form, signed and notarized for both parents.
  • If any of the parents are non-UK citizens, proof of their legal status in the UK, as described above.
  • Copies of parents Foreign passports or OCI cards:
    • Foreign passports of parents:
      • Copy of the information page that contains the picture and basic details of the passport.
      • Copy of the endorsement/amendment pages.
      • OCI Cards: If parents have OCI cards, copies of both information pages on the OCI card.
  • Copies of parents proof of Renunciation:
    • In case the applicants parents are naturalized citizens, proof for the same must be provided. A cancelled passport or a certificate of renunciation issued by the embassy must be submitted. If either parents needs to obtain a renunciation certificate, they need do obtain it prior to submitting the application for the child.
  • When applying as an individual and not as part of the family:
    • Copy of parents’ marriage certificate:
    • The marriage certificate issued by the marriage registrar is accepted only

9. Check list:

Two copies of the completed checklist. Ensure to arrange the documents as per the checklist. Otherwise, the application will be returned unprocessed to applicant(s). The consulate will not take any responsibility for any loss of documents.