Following documents are required to be uploaded online for your OCI visa application 

  •  Current  passport 
  • Naturalisation Certificate  
  • Copy of cancelled Indian passport (If any) 
  • Surrender certificate
  • Proof of Indian Origin

Former Indian Citizen:

  • Photocopy of applicants first 3 pages and last 2 pages of his/her previous passport. If that is not available, any document that provides sufficient evidence that you held Indian citizenship, such as:
  • Educational certificate by institute of India and certificate of land ownership.
  • double notarized affidavit , OR
  • Applicants can issue a Nativity certificate by the Indian officials.

The approval of these documents will be made by the consular officer.Indian, cell phone statements, bank statements, lease agreement will not be accepted as a proof of Indian nationality.

If you currently hold an unexpired Indian passport, it must be sent for cancellation.

  • Proof of Name Change – OCI Application

If you are a former citizen of India, and if your name in your foreign passport is different to the one in your prior Indian passport or Indian government issued document, photocopy of the documents are required.

  • Indian visa (where applicable): If you hold an Indian visa (with validity over 3 months), please upload a copy of the OCI.
  • Spouse card and marriage certificate: if “spouse” is the basis to your application.
  • Relation Card: parental / grandparent birth certificates depending on your application PIO card.
  •  If you are applying for renewal of the OCI card please upload the copy of your OCI card

The List above is not conclusive and will change. For an up to date that is created to the exact specifications of your case we recommend using our OCI help service. We will guide you through the exact document list, create your application, handle all uploads, take your photos and book you into VFS.

Find out more information on our OCI help service here:

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