The OCI stands for Overseas Citizenship of India, and it’s a card that has multi-entry life-long visa for India, it doesn’t have any restrictions on the length of stay in India. This OCI is a smart card which help you facilitate your immigration clearance faster and also, using consular facility. OCI Card is also known as OCI Registration Certificate and Overseas Citizenship of India. Most cases it is referred to OCI. recommends Reload OCI for full OCI application support, resizing photo and signature and pan card service

Advantages of OCI card

One might wonder if they can get a  Visa quickly (or an eVisa), then why should they bother getting an OCI card.

Well, some added benefits when you have an OCI card:

  • A one-time charge
  • Numerous multiple-entry, long standing lifetime Visa to visit India
  • Uniformity with NRIs in economic, financial, and education fields (except acquisition of plantation/agricultural properties)
  •  Authorities need not be reported to about one’s duration or length of stay in India

OCI card holders are restricted from opting any kind of mountaineering, missionary and/or research work in India. One needs to take prior permission from Ministry of Home Affairs in India if you intend to do any of these on your trip to India.

Additionally, holding an OCI card does not make one an Indian citizen, which means you don’t get any voting rights in India.