Information regarding the OCI Visa process timescales. It takes 6-8 working weeks for the processing of the OCI application.

This may vary depending on your case.

Breakdown of Timescales of processing an OCI

It takes 3 working days for the VFS center to send your application file to the consulate for verification.

7 working days to verify the passport to the OCI card by the Consulate.

3 working days to mail the passport and OCI card.

These time scales needs to be accounted for if you are planning to visit India anytime soon.

HCI may also choose to investigate you if they feel any of your documents are not what they should be. 

How do I find out the progress of my OCI application?

The current status of your OCI card application can be followed here using the OCI (GBRLXXXXXXXXXXX) Registration Number from your OCI fresh application.

How can I speed up my OCI application and get OCI Faster?

Reload OCI are expert OCI agents that has partnered with. We asked them what the best way was to speed things up for an OCI application.

Their reply was to get your OCI application perfect. One single spelling mistake on the form, or digital upload not scanned in properly will cost you in processing time in India and getting it perfect is not as easy as it sounds, as alot of the information online is not updated on document requirements etc. So their experience in dealing with thousands of clients has really reaped benefits in ensuring things get done correctly and first time around.

The fastest they have heard a client got their OCI was in 4 weeks, and this was because the team at Reload OCI prepared the OCI application to a very high standard – the photos were perfect, digital scans immaculate, and the document requirements list was perfect. They also located and booked cancellations on the VFS booking system by constantly monitoring appointment availibility and this has provided them with the ability to provide a great OCI help service for their clients.

Please find out more here:

OCI Help Service

What if I have an emergency and need my OCI fast?

VFS and HCI simply state that if you have an emergency you should apply for the appropriate visa that is suitable for the emergency you are facing. The OCI application process can not be sped up by anyone.

Collection of OCI Card and Supporting documents

Since the OCI application is no longer sent directly to the Indian agency, VFS is responsible for collecting and distributing OCI cards in Great Britain.

Once your OCI card is approved by the Indian mission, VFS will arrange to deliver the OCI card and original supporting documents.