The OCI visa process takes approximately 6-8 weeks from submission to VFS for your brand new OCI ticket. This varies depending on your case. 3 working days for the Indian Visa Application center to further send the consulate for verification. 7 working days to verify the passport to the OCI card by the Consulate. 3 working days to mail the passport and OCI card.This needs to be accounted for if you are planning to visit India anytime soon. recommends Reload OCI for full OCI application support, resizing photo and signature and pan card service

The current status of your OCI card application can be followed here using the OCI (GBRLXXXXXXXXXXX) Registration Number.Collection of OCI Card and Supporting documents

Since the OCI application is no longer sent directly to the Indian agency, VFS is responsible for collecting and distributing OCI cards in Great Britain.Once your OCI card is approved by the Indian mission, VFS will arrange to deliver the OCI card and original supporting documents.

The OCI Document requirement list has changed on 11/12/2019 please contact us for the list and we can send you an update on the exact requirements