Our OCI Help Service from our OCI agents will help you get your OCI Visa fast. Visit us in our company owned London location based in Paddington, or use our Nationwide OCI Remote help Service with no visit required. The main differences between OCI help instore & our new Nationwide Remote OCI Support service are listed below and you will can select which option suits you best.

After we have completed your OCI application for you, we will book you into VFS and you will obtain your OCI within 4-6 weeks – nothing could be simpler.

Reload OCI Help service caters for:

  • Fresh OCI applications
  • PIO to OCI
  • Renewal or Transfer of OCI

TO BEGIN – please select an option below:

Option 1:

Visit us in Paddington for our OCI help Service
Complete OCI Help Package is £99.99 for Fresh OCI help / Transfer / Renewal of your OCI (if you are an adult or a Minor applying for your OCI on the basis of your Parents, Grand Parents or Spouse) We offer a 20% discount for multiple applicants

Option 2:

If you are unable to visit us in person in our store in Paddington, we offer a Nationwide remote OCI Help Service where we will complete all formalities on your behalf, book you into VFS, and post you your printed application and photos with a guaranteed pass service.

  • Prices start from £250.00 per applicant including printed photos (if required for your application) and tracked postage to anywhere in the UK

 Please click here to fill in our form. It will take 5 minutes and we will be in touch to discuss your Remote OCI Help application 

What documents do I require for my OCI Application?

We will send you an exact OCI document requirements list (based upon our 7 years experience with dealing with VFS) and the document list we provide you will be up to date with the VFS requirements and this is what makes our OCI service unique.

Whether you visit us in Paddington or use our Nationwide Remote OCI help Service (where we complete everything for you through email with no visit to us required) our first step will always be to email you a personalised OCI document requirement list based on how you are applying for your OCI whether it be through your Spouse, Parents or Grand Parents.

What our OCI help service will do for you:

  • We will complete the entire OCI application for you, and book you into your nearest VFS center for submission.
  • Reload OCI fully guarantees your OCI application will pass first around or we will refill the whole application again and manage your booking with VFS completely free of cost.
  • If you visit us instore your OCI application will be completed instore in front of you and we will handle your documents with GDPR compliance.
  • If you opt for our Nationwide help service we will complete everything for you remotely and by email
  • Your OCI photo and signature will be clicked in store and documents converted, created and uploaded into your OCI application
  • All printouts required by VFS will be given to you.
  • We will guide you through your visit to VFS to avoid failure

Call or email us:

Please call us on 0207 193 9293 or email us at help@nullreloadinternet.com if you have any questions at all. We are always happy to help

Our OCI help service has been featured on Sunrise Radio