AT YOUR NEAREST VFS CENTER – on behalf of the Indian High Commission

  • All applications are evaluated and the usual processing time is of 60 days since the day application has been received.
  • Applications which are incomplete will be returned and a fresh application process has to begin
  • No email/calls will be entertained for the same.


After the consulate has approved the application, the application is then sent to VFS for further verification. In a situation where the Indian High Commission or VFS finds in adverse information the application will be rejected and OCI will not be granted.

VFS approval take 120 days from the day of application.

Incase the applicant does not get the OCI, £180 or the same amount in local currency will be returned.

Posting documents for OCI

Applicants need to check the status on Online Status Inquiry, only when it mentions that all the required documents are received , on should mail their passport or other documents

Required Documents

Applicants who received a new passport during the OCI application are required to submit the old passport and a photocopy of the new passport

Status page – which is available on online status inquiry to be submitted