Here is the list if, on or after 01 June 2010, you acquired British Citizenship.

  • Two recent photos measuring 50 mm x 50 mm.
  • Appointment Confirmation letter Original Indian passport (this is the passport you held at the time of naturalization as a British Citizen)
  • Self-contained copy of Indian passport (copying all used pages– I have only pictured the full passport)
  • Original British Passport
  • Appointment Confirmation Letter
  • Original Indian Passport(Download below)
  • A4-size automatic cover (special delivery)– if more than one request you apply together, you need ONE Special Delivery envelope PER document, self-certified exemplar of the current foreign / British Passport (you need only a photo page)
  • Self-certified copy of a British Naturalisation Certificate.

A quick note on British Passport proof:

If you have submitted applications for the British Passport, but have not yet received them, you will need to include a declaration stating “My UK Passport is in progress.” The VFS directive does propose that an automatic copy is supported, but the original British Passport should be requested for verification.

Surrender your indian passport – express service – Surrender Certificater help service

If you would prefer for us to take care of the entire process of obtaining your Surrender certificate, please make an appointment to visit us, and we will take care of everything for you.

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Additional documents

In the event that you apply for the declaration of resignation or the certificate of deemed resignation, the following documents are required.

Renunciation Declaration: If you have lost or misplaced an Indian passport and you do not produce a valid Indian passport, you can not be issued a Renunciation Certificate, as an indigenous passport is required to be physically provided with a surrender certificate.

In such cases, you can request a copy of the Indian Passport for the “Renunciation Declaration.” The declaration of renovation contains a statement not surrendering the original Indian passport.

A notary affidavit and a police report must also be issued to ensure that you prevent abuse of the passport.

Deemed Surrender Certificate: 

You will also have a photocopy of the last Indian passport and the first British passport if you apply for a Deemed Surrender Certificate.

Note: the general information needed for obtaining a certificate of surrender is the list. We are unable to ensure that this list applies to you– if necessary, the India High Commission may request additional documentation.

How do I collect my Surrender Certificate?

When your application is completed, a post/courier will be sent to you with the surrender/resignation certificate. You have to submit yourself an automatic envelope (Special Delivery) in the size A4 by request for return delivery if you apply for a passport surrender certificate.

You can also speak to the adviser at the secure delivery service application centre, but I suggest you have a special delivery envelope. You can monitor the shipment on the Royal Mail’s website at a lower cost.

You can get a post office special delivery package for £7.30 per post, and the VFS courier option is £15 per application!